Are you getting ready to catch a flight for your vacation or on a business trip, what should you wear and what should you stay away from? Choosing the best travel gear to make the plane beautiful but also comfortable can be a challenge.  You need to think “practical” when choosing your clothes.  There are some thoughts you need to keep in mind when packing.  If your bag gets too heavy, you’ll have a hard time dragging it from door to door or if you have to climb stairs, what will you do?  Too many things will make your bag too heavy when you just have to choose items that you can mix and match.

During flight, aircraft air conditioning can sometimes become cold. So choose an outfit that won’t be too hot but that will not allow you to get cold to the bones.  There are items you should never wear during a flight for many reasons.  If you’re a flight novice, our list will be a great guide to what to do and what not to do by plane. Here’s our list of items you should never wear on a flight:

1. High-heeled shoes

If you want to wear heels to your destination, just put them in your suitcase, don’t wear them during the flight!  Crossing the airport from one door to another, you will have a sore foot in record time.  Also, if you walk down the aisle of the aircraft and the aircraft is experiencing turbulence, the high heels are not sturdy, you could easily fall and twist your ankle.  If you’re not really good at walking with heels, now is not the time to learn!  To put it simply, don’t wear them during your fight… Open the next page to continue reading.

2. A brand new equipment:

If you have purchased a new outfit for your trip, it is advisable to keep it for your destination, not on the flight. In case of turbulence, you could spill food or drink, and destroy it for later use.  Wear a garment that can be cleaned quickly with a cloth and keep your cashmere sweater or suit very expensive for later. If colleagues welcome you to your destination, have a tote and put your suit in the toilet.

3. A light summer dress

Even if you’re travelling in a warmer climate, if you insist on wearing your favorite summer dress, be sure to bring a sweater in case the air conditioning really cools.  Having a sweater or jacket will prevent your flight from becoming a miserable cold experience.

4. Sleepers/ Tongs

As a general rule, flip flops are not the most comfortable shoes for queuing at the counter or walking to the boarding gate.  It is best to put them in your suitcase and wear sneakers or flat shoes for the flight.  If you’re worried that your feet are sweating or smelling bad, bring a foot spray and spare socks!

5. Your pajamas

It’s not easy to wear your pajamas during your early flight.  What do you think other passengers will think when you head to the aisle of the plane?  It’s just not an image you want to convey.  If you want comfort, wear your comfortable sportswear.  You will look great and will not be the laughing stock of everyone on the plane.

6. Metal pull

Christmas seems to be a great party for sweaters that shine and sparkle!  Before you decide to wear this sweater on your flight, check to see if it is really adorned with metal objects.  You could easily trigger the airport’s metal detectors as you pass through security.  Believe me, being delayed at safety is not at all fun!  You should simply put it in your suitcase and enjoy it at your destination.

7. Strong perfume or Colognes

So you stopped at the duty free shop and started experimenting with different perfumes or colognes, but unfortunately you now have a garden of aromas all over you.  It won’t be a great success for the passenger sitting next to you and I doubt the answer is “thank you”!

8. Prepare your leggings:

In most cases, it doesn’t matter unless you are on a United Airlines flight.  They have a dress code and do not approve of leggings.  I am not sure that there are other airlines that have the same dress code, so I would pack them up and use them later.

9. Loose clothing

If your clothes are very loose, you may want to get the attention of the security services.  In some cases, they’ll think you have something to hide.  One thing is for sure: don’t get carried away by the look of your bag.

10. Clothes that are offensive to others:

Especially in this day and age, if you wear a provocative garment, such as a sweatshirt, such as a political statement, you may not be denied theft.  If in doubt, check with the airlines to find out what their dress code allows and does not allow.  Think it out this way: if you have a sweatshirt that you wouldn’t wear as a family, there is a good chance passengers will find it unacceptable as well!

Small note

As mentioned above, when choosing the clothes you want to wear during your flight, be practical.  If you have clothes that just aren’t up to scratch on vacation or business, leave them at home.  You want to be comfortable on your flight, so choose something that will suit your long flight. This does not mean that you have to throw fashion out the windows, choose neutral colors like white, black and beige.  Again, you can mix and match these colors while remaining beautiful!