As we live in our time, most of us have the luxury of traveling at least once in their lives outside of our country. Although travel is relatively affordable, there are always tips to save you money while on the go. Some of the following tips may seem modest, but if you add them all up, you’ll see that you’ve saved a lot of money, allowing you to travel even more in the future.

1. Don’t book hotels

While hotels are undoubtedly comfortable and offer many benefits, if you want to save money, they are just not worth it. They are quite expensive, and if you are thinking of visiting Paris, you will surely not stay at your hotel all day, you will spend the night there, which is why we suggest or Both of these options allow you to save a large portion of your funds.

2. The “5-block rule”

According to some travel experts, you should avoid shops that are close to tourist attractions. The logic behind this measure is very sound, as every business owner will try to take advantage of the fact that tourists do not know reasonable prices, and that they will defraud them at every opportunity. A five-minute walk won’t cost you anything, but will save you money.

3. Pick the time of traveling carefully

When planning to visit a famous tourist city or country, try to plan months in advance so you can book a flight that will cost you only a fraction of what you would pay if you booked it a few weeks before the flight. It’s not about pennies here; sometimes you can save hundreds of dollars if you do that.

4. Transport

If you live, say, in Berlin and want to go to Beijing, it is understandable that you book a flight because of the distance. However, if the distance to travel by car is small, the choice is obvious. has an excellent calculator called “fly or drive” that will help you decide whether to book a flight or drive to that destination.

5. Roaming bills

When you leave the country, you need to be very careful about your phone, as roaming charges can cost you hundreds of dollars. You don’t have to worry about it if you plan to do so when you sign a contract with your mobile operator; make sure you have additional free international data, or another simple solution would be to purchase a new local SIM card.

6. Change currency at home

Airports are known to scam people on everything, and this also includes money exchange. That’s why you want to be sure to do it while you’re at home and the exchange rate is much more favourable to you.

7. Haggle

Bargaining is an essential skill to possess if you plan to travel to many Asian countries. I have seen it with my own eyes and I have heard many stories where people have been scammed or bought items with 50% less than the starting price given by the sellers. China is one of the most well-known countries in the world where you have to haggle like a pro if you don’t want to be ripped off.

8. No Taxis

Taxi drivers are the same all over the world. When they see a tourist, they charge you three times what they charge the locals because the tourists don’t know the prices. Fortunately, you can use public transport which will cost you exponentially less.

9. Cook for yourself

To say that cooking for yourself is cheaper than eating out is an understatement. That’s why you have to look for apartments or hostels that also have a kitchen where you can cook yourself.

10. Eat street food

If you sometimes want to sample local cuisine rather than cook yourself or go to a fancy restaurant, you should try street food. Street food is delicious and also pretty almost everywhere in the world. You can also taste amazing and unique things that you won’t be able to eat even in luxury restaurants.

11. Discounts

You have to go back to haggling, even if it is not in the same form as when you shop on the street. If you have stayed in the same hotel, hostel or apartment, you can call them and ask them if there is a discount for you as a regular guest. I have done this several times and have received a 20% discount the last five times I have stayed in the same hotel as my fiancée.

12. Last-minute cruises

Cruises operate in a totally different way from airfare when it comes to booking. A last-minute cruise will cost you much less if you book it at the last minute rather than weeks or even months in advance.

13. Free walking tours

You’d be surprised how many major cities offer free walking tours. The best thing is that you can find out if you only go to a local tourist office and ask if they offer free walking tours. Another advantage is that you can see things in a short time while learning interesting facts about these places from your tour guides.

14. House-sitting

Yes, house caretakers exist, and it will save you a ton of money. There is always someone looking for responsible people to look after their home and pets. You will also find on Internet sites where you can register and look for home care opportunities.

15. Long layover flights

Booking flights with long stops has many advantages. Some airlines offer tour guides and accommodation. So you’ll have time to explore the place while you’re in between flights.