27 of the Best Cheap Travel Destinations

Travelling doesn’t just mean taking a break from your busy schedule. I’m going to give you a whole new dimension to your holiday ideas. Have you broken your head thinking about the place to visit in a way that suits you? It’s good that you’re reading this, because your money stops here. Taking a vacation is a sure way to relax, there’s no doubt about it. But if you take a vacation in view of exploring our beautiful and incredible world, it’s beyond everything. They will fill your soul. Once you have chosen your place to stay, you should quickly book the cheapest flight and hotel.

So let’s get started! Here are some cheap trips you should make in 2019. These are the places where you can go on holiday without breaking the bank.

1. Agra – India

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No one can beat the splendour of the Taj Mahal, the Ode to Love built by mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife, Mumtaz. The sanctity of love is truly lived in this magnificent piece of architecture. Tagore said it’s “a tear on the cheek of eternity.” 2019 is the time to see this wonder through your own eyes. The Taj Mahal welcomes many tourists every day. Sit there for a while and keep listening. You will hear the euphony of different languages at the same time. I did that and it seemed surreal. All borders dissolve, all hatred evaporates; everyone from all over the world is there with you at this very moment, making you feel that you are one with the world. Isn’t that what exploring means? The smiling and amazed faces of different countries make you believe that the love of travel unites everyone. It’s the magical power of the Taj Mahal. It is the magic of love. Is the Taj Mahal a dream or a dream come true, it’s up to you to decide, but it’s worth visiting. UNESCO has awarded it World Heritage Status. Standing on the banks of the Yamuna River, this ivory-white marble structure has an aura that cannot go unnoticed even in the distance. Try to visit it once, on a full moon evening. It will give you another splendid look at its already mesmerizing beauty. There are many affordable hotels in the city. If you’re a real traveler, then I’m sure you can ignore the rickshaw walls, peddlers, souvenir sellers that surround the Taj Mahal.

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Did you watch the last game between Boca Juniors and River Plate? Don’t you understand why I’m talking about football? Oh, really? Seriously? Come on. Can I write about Argentina without his soul? I’m not talking about Maradonna or Lionel Messi (but not BA), or even Sabatini, Guillermo or Juan Martin del Potro. But it’s a fantastic holiday idea. Visit your idol’s country. I can still give you other reasons why Beunos Aires should be one of the places to visit in 2019. Eclectic and intoxicating, that’s my description of Beunos Aires. This city does tango all the time with its overflowing energy and seductive nature. If you’re craving ice cream, then thank God you’re in the right place. Take the juiciest steak or ice cream as you please. If you’re a wine lover like me, take a sip in the local cafes that line the streets. Refuel in this insomniac city and enjoy its gastronomic culture, Latin European architecture and murals.

3. Puebla, Mexico

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This is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Famous for its baroque architecture, locals say there are 365 churches here. Come back and tell me the truth. Embark on a walking tour and feast your eyes with its beautiful architecture and colonial buildings. From the colorful houses that line the streets to the famous Talavera pottery, Puebla is a kind of hidden gem. Spice up your life with mole poblano. Visit Candy Street, African Safari and Cholula during your stay in Puebla.

4. Krabi, Thailand

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Tropical Holidays Beach Vacation In Thailand Tourism Concept – Panorama Of Pranang Beach On Sunset. Railay , Krabi Province Thailand. Sunset On Pranang Beach. Railay , Krabi Province Thailand

There are very few places that invite you to come back. Krabi is one of them. Using the word “exotic” to describe a seaside destination can be overestimated and sometimes underestimated. Krabi is one of those destinations where the word “exotic” is really appropriate. The trip to four islands (the cave of Phra Nang, Poda, Koh Gai or chicken island, and Tup Island) and the trip to the island of Phi Phi will leave you speechless. The tasty site on Aong Nang beach offers a good dose of international cuisine and delicious fresh seafood. If you have Krabi syndrome, don’t worry, your health is fine. All you have to do is pack your bags and leave.

5. Province of Laguna, Philippines

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The province of Laguna is comparatively less well known. It is a pleasure to be surrounded by warm and welcoming people, hot springs, lakes and, finally, enticing delights. It is also home to some of the oldest churches in the Philippines.

6. Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Located off the coast of Tanzania, this picturesque island is the destination of your dreams. Turquoise blue water and shallow sandbanks are the perfect host for everyone. Stone Town, in the old zanzibar city, is a World Heritage Site not to be missed. There are a number of cheap guesthouses and hostels in Stone Town. Spend some time watching the white dhow make its journey through the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. This idyllic seaside destination in the African country will fill you with pleasure and pleasure and give you an eternal smile.

7. Fez, Morocco

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A heady mix of old and new has put Fez, Morocco, in the foreground. Enough to play the supporting roles in Marrakech, the tourist and culinary scene of Fez is booming! It is Morocco’s new must-see place. It makes your world more colorful and tastier. This place gives the best impression of hardiness that one can ask for. Walking through the “main streets” we are sure to lose track of time. Who cares about time when we have drowned in the myriad faces of Fez? Explore Fez through its souks, narrow alleyways and ancient buildings.

8. Kathmandu, Nepal

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Durbar Square Temple in Bhaktapur, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

First of all, it’s the cheapest place in the world for trekking. The magnanimous Himalayawelcomes you on this beautiful land. It’s amazing how this affordable place can serve you with so many activities. It is the ideal holiday spot for nature lovers, adventure seekers, history buffs and spiritual researchers. Kathmandu caters to all types of budgets. It is the agitation that makes Kathmandu so alive. What are you waiting for? Book your plane tickets to the trekker and hikers’ paradise. And yes, get yourself a momo recipe for me.

9. Antigua, Guatemala

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The Land of Eternal Spring is back on its feet and ready to go. Spain’s best-preserved colonial city is worth every penny spent. This colonial gem is buzzing with activity. Antigua is the sumptuous base for exploring one of Guatemala’s best-preserved regions. The ruins, the historic buildings, the cobbled streets give a very vivid image of this place. Just a tip, try to avoid venturing out at night.

10. Siem Reap, Cambodia

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It has prepared to become the epicentre of Cambodia. To find out what’s beyond this World Heritage site, visit Siem Reap as your next travel destination. The first ray of sunshine that falls on Angor Wat transforms the subtle Siem Reap into a life-changing place. The soaked Siem Reap story is a place to savor, so don’t rush there. Take it easy.

11. Hawaii, USA

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Beautiful and sexy surfer girls Walking on the beach at sunset

How can there be a list of holiday ideas without Hawaii? Aloha everything. No, I’m not here to give you geographic information about Hawaii as you can find it for yourself, but I’m here to make you fall in love with Hawaii (only if you haven’t fallen in love yet!). You can go to Wakiki or Maui or Lanaii or Kaua’I for that. The mesmerizing beaches, with their large waves and crystal clear water, attract everyone like a magnet. Dive deep into the multicolored waters of Hawaii and indulge yourself by twitching.

12. Montreal, Canada

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Panorama of Montreal at night. Montreal, Quebec City, Canada.

Welcome to Canada’s cultural capital. The melting pot of vibrant cultures around the world serves a storm in the form of culinary pleasures, good life, the arts, etc. Soak up the beautiful scenery of the whole city, heritage churches and fill your belly with delights you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

13. Xian, China

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Wall of the city of Xian and former night tower, color image, China.

Historical and cultural peculiarities have penetrated Xian’s past and are still very much present today. It is one of the most famous holiday spots in China, and it is also considered the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Xian, in 2018, China has been on Samantha Brown’s list of the cheapest places to visit and she’s still on my list in 2019. Visit the world’s oldest civilizations, if only for the best cuisine in the world.

14. Alsace, France

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Colmar, Little Venice, the street, the lamppost and the traditional houses with colorful half-timbers. Alsace, France.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Alsace, where you will find a riot of colors in every nook and cranny. Sloping half-timbered houses radiate colors according to the tradition of the past; but the reason has obviously changed for good. Located in the Vosges, this region produces the best wines from around the world. Let’s toast this picturesque city of France and rejoice in all that it has to offer.

15. Tbilisi, Georgia

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Tbilisi, Georgia. Aerial landscape of the city with famous landmarks in full light: Sameba Complex, Avlabar residence, concert hall, Baratashvili Bridge in the summer twilight.

The rustic and dishevelled charm is the beauty of this place. It seems that Tbilisi has been strategically placed among the riches of nature. Perched atop the stunning Mtkvari River, with the remarkable mountain as a backdrop, Tbilisi paints an exceptional picture. In addition, there are majestic synagogues, mosques, the ruins of the Zoroastrian Fire Temple and the famous baths.

16. Brasov, Romania

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Aerial view of the fortified church of Prejmer. UNESCO World Heritage Site

Your holiday in Romania is incomplete without Braov. Count Dracula’s birthplace is nothing short of magical. It’s like a perfect postcard that shines with medieval watchtowers, cobbled paths and baroque churches. Located in the Southern Carpathians, amidst thick forests and rolling fields, Brasov is a perfect harmony between ancient charm and contemporary urban life.

17. Yerevan, Armenia

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Beautiful landscape of green mountains and beautiful cloudy sky in the sunset. Exploring Armenia

Yerevan is a hidden gem that you should definitely explore. The capital of Armenia is a bag full of surprises. The old and the new coexist perfectly in this picturesque landscape. Ladas and Mercs, simple tea rooms and stylish European bars, from street fashion to sewing, everything has its place. This brilliant city, with its positive attitude, will make you feel at home in minutes.

18. Budapest, Hungary

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The Szechenyi Range Bridge and the Parliament Building at dusk. Budapest, Hungary.

Budapest has a strange appeal of its own. The city is beautiful, affordable, full of cultural and historical sites, thermal baths, a lively nightlife and two other things that should be considered by default, namely food and shopping.

19. Barcelona, Spain

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Sweets at the Boqueria in Barcelona, Spain

Most people have this idea that touring Europe is very expensive. But you can choose this destination for your holiday. This Spanish city has something to offer everyone. The bustling city of football and tennis is full of artists and architecture. If you’re hungry, refuel at the Boqueria market.

20. Dakar, Senegal

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This popular backpacker destination is a current alternative to travel to Africa. The city has charming mosques, museums, beaches and cliff walks. You will find splashes of color in the form of luminous attire worn by the locals. This city is always animated by music, food and its hospitable inhabitants.

21. Gobi Desert, Mongolia

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This spectacular desert of Mongolia is a must-see for real travellers. The desert stretches over parts of China on one side and Mongolia on the other. Expect the warmth of the nomads, the shimmering sand dunes and dive into the mystery of the unknown.

22. Port Salut, Haiti

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Haiti is mainly linked to horrific stories of violence or the devastating earthquake. I suggest you don’t rely on negative articles. Port Salut is adorned with pristine powdery white sand, coconut trees and blue-green waters of the sea. The great beauty of Port Salut is worth a visit.

23. Gaziantep,Turkey

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The pistachio capital of Turkey, Gaziantep is one of eight UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy in the world. Gaziantep also has a culinary museum, Pistachio cheesecake, pistachio coffee or Baklava are dishes to enjoy without moderation. If you happen to want to take a break from gastronomy, you can go to the Hammam or the Zugma Musik Muzesi which is the largest mosaic museum in the world.

24. Herceg Novi, Montenegro

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Herceg Novi is one of those smiling guests who don’t wait for you to ring the bell but welcome you with a hug full of hospitality, a sparkling sea and a sun that illuminates your day. Nestled between Mount Orjen and the Adriatic Sea, Herceg Novi is your next holiday destination. A wide range of history, mud spas, hidden beaches and hot springs are served in a plateau for travelers to enjoy.

25. Zagreb, Croatia

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This is not a place to overlook. The untouched Austro-Hungarian architecture and magnanimous mountains will give you a unique experience. Many cheap restaurants, accommodation for all the stock exchanges, a multitude of museums, great hospitality and tasty local dishes are the assets of this city. Don’t miss the colorful murals of local street artists. It’s a city that needs to be explored on foot.

26. Santiago, Chile

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This booming city is affordable and offers reasonably priced accommodation and food. The city’s wonderful neighbourhoods set the tone and flavour of a memorable trip. Soak up the atmosphere of one of the beautiful hillside parks or simply admire the architecture and museums. Also visit La Vega, Casablanca, Vina del Mar and Valparaiso

27. Granada, Nicaragua

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Granada is Nicaragua’s best-kept secret. Granada treats ecotourists with the Mombacho volcano that is dormant in nature. It also treats its visitors with zippers and sailboats. This photogenic city is dotted with beaches and colonial-era architecture and attracts lovers of the outdoors and culture.