7 Apps You Cannot Live Without

The most efficient app for Chon work

There are 6.3 billion people using smartphones every day. I think no one uses it. No one uses its application, it can be the productivity of the day. However, in this article, there is a good application (this can be a light career). This app will help you take notes, he will help you, he will help you, he will help you to be more efficient in your life.

Please start it.

This is also a tool for meetings and conferences

It will help you not to send emails.

It will help you to fill in the form with usability.

Streak for Gmail
This is a tool for you to avoid sending emails.

Fill in the form by losing your availability.

Know when emails are open
Send multiple e-mails at once
Handle emails later
Hold fast emails.

This helps the team.

In addition, you can handle projects.

You can track projects and progress. Multifunctional.

(Integrated with Google Calendar and Gmail)

Impression Notes
It’s beautiful.

Use Quick Notes
to save recordings
Apply to diagram schematics
There are also templates to apply to projects

How many people can forget their passwords?

This application stores your password and login name in a safe place.

I don’t see my son’s account locked.

The soft sound
The one who attacks the object is also the realm of sound.

This application provides background noise, for example.

Coffee shop chatter
If you are at home in the office, please turn on the headphones.

In trouble at a later stage?

This application will help to give generously to the site, but it will also damage the foundation of the site.

In this case, you can stop the website application and put a table to follow.

Thank you for reading