As you all know, we love our car trips. But sometimes the road can get a little too long and you start looking for “boredom hunters”. So here are some of the best adult travel games shared by some of our blogger friends who travel all the time! They are all tested and tested winners on the road.

Check out these adult car games for your next trip and the miles will fly away.

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Getting to know you: Fun relationship games for couples

Have you ever been sucked into your phone and not talking to your spouse for hours on the road? Stop it! Adult travel games are the perfect way to communicate with your spouse or friends. Here are some ideas that will help you learn a little more about others while having fun on the road.

Chat the Miles Away with conversation start cards

from Katie to My Sweet Home Life

Let’s face it: long car journeys can be a bit boring. A super fun travel game for adults is about using conversation alits. These are questions designed to get you talking about all kinds of things. These fun questions for married couples are specially designed to help you learn more about your partner. There are questions about your childhood, questions about your adolescence, and questions about the kind of random things that really make you think! One of my favorites is “What was your most embarrassing romantic failure?”

Do you prefer it?

Long car journeys require some form of entertainment for children, but what about adults? A great family game that can also be played exclusively by adults is “Prefer Yourself”. This is a game we played over and over again on our recent trip to Croatia. “Prefer” is a question-based game where each player asks the other what he prefers to do. For example, would you prefer to have X-ray vision or invisibility? The questions can be invented on the spot, which makes this game extremely fun and sometimes hilarious. It’s a great game to pass the time when you’re on the road.

Find out more about your partner

One of the interesting ways to spend valuable time on a long journey is to do some personal development exercises. My husband and I bought the “Louise Hay Heal Your Life Workbook”.Although we have known each other for years, we were surprised to hear each other’s stories. Talking about our childhood strengthens our bond every time we do. Not only is it a great way to kill boredom during a long car journey, but it’s also the beginning of a very interesting conversation.

Two truths and a lie

from our personal list…. also one of my favorite icebreakers!

A great way to meet your travel companions is an adult car game called Two Truths and a Lie. When it’s your turn, you make 3 statements about yourself. Two are the truth and one is a lie. For example, mine could be: 1. I’ve seen Elton John in concert twice. 2. I swam with dolphins. 3. Once, we had bears sniffing around our tent while we slept there. Your fellow travelers must guess which one is the lie. To make it interesting, start getting out the most outrageous facts about yourself. The conversation starts automatically because everyone is curious to know more about this new information.

Challenge your mind: Adult car games that make you think

Are you a little competitive? Maybe more than just a little? So these adult car games are for you!

Solving a five-minute mystery

from InsomnoMom to the House that never sleeps

Before we had a DVD player in our van, I always brought one of the Mystery Books in five minutes during my car trips. You can find these books on Amazon. There are also Mysteries in two minutes, etc. These books are a collection of short mysterious stories that take about 5 minutes to read. A question is asked at the end of each story, and readers should use the clues of the story to reason through the answer and try to solve the mystery. I was reading aloud and everyone in the vehicle was discussing the potential answer. Although the mysteries are often too complicated for young children, even the smallest in our family enjoyed the lively conversation created by these mysteries. It’s a fun activity for all ages and quickly passes the time of the trip.

Can you guess the movie

priya at the glorious sunrise

This guessing game is an original way to pass the time, regardless of the length of the trip. First, a person must name two actors and the rest of the travelers must try to guess the film in which these two actors were together. You can search for movie and actor names using the IMDB website, an excellent database for all films. Of course, people who guess the team can’t use their phone while they’re playing. For more ideas without using your phone, check out these cool ideas from Time Pass.

Reasonable questions

from Claire to Past the Potholes

We spend many hours in vehicles together to explore new countries, so my husband decided to invent his own game! He calls it “Reasonable Trivia.” Each person in turn thinks about a “trivia” question. If more people are right than people are wrong, whoever asks the question wins. The problem is that the question must be reasonable and therefore there must always be at least one correct answer and one wrong answer. We tested it during a car trip with friends and we laughed a lot along the way. Coming from three different countries, it was difficult to find the right questions!

Focus on historical landmarks and information panels

by Lori de Travel – Moments in Time

My husband and I love to travel by car! To prevent silence from taking place, we stop along the way to take pictures or even to visit certain places. If we know that interesting attractions are on our way, we make sure to include them in advance in our itinerary. Other times we are mesmerized by the landscape or intrigued by something, so we stop, take pictures or take a closer look at the thing that caught our attention, and then we go back on the road. Now we have something to talk about! Always something new, always make connections and sometimes having different opinions allows us to charm for a long time. Until the next step 😉 One thing is clear though: no trip is boring and there is no silence in the car.

Don’t hesitate!

from Margie to DQ Family Travel

On our long car trips, we try to crush boredom by playing a game called Hesitation. A person proposes a category, say “cars.” The others take turns to name brands or models of cars very quickly. If a person takes a second and hesitates, they are eliminated. When the round is over, the next person calls a category and the game continues again until the family decides that we are done with the game and that we no longer want to play it. This game is a classic travel game that we have been playing since our youngest child was 7 years old. Not only is it a great game for adults, but it will also entertain our kids with travel activities during our long journeys across the country.

Crossword puzzle

on our part… our personal winner of all time for the car trip

It may be hard to imagine doing crossword puzzles on the road, but we make it 2-3 each time. The passenger reads the clues aloud and we both try to find the correct word. We discuss new words and the meaning of clues. Sometimes the discussion is quite intense, because we argue about the “real” meaning of the index. (Yes, you can sometimes be a geek!) Paperbacks are cheap and easy to slip into the car for the road.

It’s our adult game on the road!

We like to start with an easy crossword puzzle on our car journey, then move on to the toughest ones. Crosswords in large print are easier to work in the car because of all the obstacles that arise on the road. Ladona

Just for laughs: Laugh out loud with these adult car games

Some of the best adult travel games are the ones that make you laugh. It’s so easy to get stressed out because of delays, work and finding a place to eat that you momentarily forget that the purpose of your vacation is to have fun. Have you been there before?

Take out a game of bingo

Ingrid at Fabulous and Fun Life

My best advice for relieving boredom during long car journeys is to play bingo. Before the trip, I prepare bingo cards for all occupants of the car, which include 20 items to look for throughout the trip. I try to list a mixture of objects more or less difficult to find along the road and in the cities we pass through, such as a car towing a caravan, a motorhome, a red Porsche, a sign bearing the word ‘population’, an adult who pushes a pram and a boy on a skateboard, etc. It is up to the passenger in the seat before reminding the driver of the items they have yet to find.

The game of 5 things

One of our family’s favorite travel games comes from our experience in improvisation. It’s a popular warm-up game called 5 Things, and it’s fun for all ages and simple enough for everyone to play. The first person calls a category of his choice, which can range from simple things like “5 types of cereal for breakfast” or “5 car brands” to more creative ideas, like “5 superpowers you’d like to have” or “5 things” in which you would never want to take a bath.” The person whose turn it is must then name 5 things in this category as quickly as possible, preferably without stopping to think about it. By naming each of them, the rest of the group counts them in unison – “1… 2… 3…” After naming the fifth and last thing, everyone says: “5… 5 CHOSES!” It’s a great game of engagement, not to mention the creative inspiration for long car journeys.

Finding a rainbow

by Suzi at Survey Suzi

Our preferred way to break the silence on a car journey is the rainbow game. Basically, you pick an item, we usually start with cars, and you have to find one in every color of the rainbow to find it. So a red car, then an orange car, a yellow car, etc. The first person to see a car in the color they have in front of them can count it, and the first person who finds cars in all colors in order wins! We then start with a new item such as trucks, building color or people wearing the colors. It’s easy to adapt this game to any situation.

Challenge “Sing-Along”

Our best way to fight boredom, for children and adults alike, is to sing at the same time. To keep things interesting, we always have an external hard drive with our favorite songs. We choose a song in turn. When it’s your turn, choose a song and the whole car should sing as loud as possible. It is not permissible to repeat a song (unless you are a child, especially a 3-year-old). Our usual playlist is as follows: “Theme song from Moana,” song A, song B, “theme song from Moana,” song C, song D. You know what I’m talking about.

Board games

Trivial Pursuit is our boredom hunt on the road! Not with the board and the pawns, of course, but we bring the cards and we question each other by taking turns driving. Once we’ve finished a stack, we open a new one from a different edition (we have Classic, Sports and Disney). When we reviewed them all, we have already forgotten most of the previous responses. So we can start the next trip again and not be even better than the first time. It’s a great way to pass the time and offers endless entertainment – especially if you’re like us and you suck at quiz!

Try a game of cricket in the car

Car cricket is by far my favorite game to overcome boredom, while going around Chile, Iceland, the United States and all the other countries on the planet. Just use the traffic as a bowling ball and monitor your “runs” or simply your score. We often play between two places and the person with the most runs wins. So how do you play? Well, the instructions are very simple:

– White cars – Outside

– Other coloured cars – 1 race

– Moto – 2 courses

– Trailers – 3 routes

– 4-wheel drive – 4 courses

– Truck, bus or emergency vehicle – 6 passes

The first person who “plays bat” counts his points until a white car passes in front of him, then the next person who plays is back and repeats the process. You then continue to go around the people who play. My last tip for motoring cricket is not to play if the roads are very busy. If it is too busy, it can be too difficult to follow your paths. The next time you drive in a rural area, think about motor inglet.

The writing of the song 101

from Chris to More Life In Your Days

When we leave for a long drive, a good way to pass the time is to create a collaborative song, one line at a time. One person makes you go in a certain direction and you all decide in turn what will happen next by singing the next line. It can be difficult to quickly find a rhyme for the next line, but this is part of the fun and doing it quickly usually adds to the fun. The songs often start on abrupt tangents and become quite absurd, but this is part of the game.

I hope you like these adult car games as much as we do. Car travel should allow you to communicate with your partner, family and friends. The only way to really connect is to talk to each other. What better place than in the car! So enjoy the best adult travel games while traveling along highways.

Do you have an adult car game that you prefer? If so, share the comments below and I’ll add them to the list before our next car trip. And don’t forget to save it to your Pinterest Travel Board so you can quickly find when the car suddenly gets too quiet!