Eleven Psychological Ideas Everyone Should Know to Become Smarter

I’m not the smartest guy.

People may call me a multi-tasker. But I cannot make thee wise – thinking. The author makes thee a good thinker, so thou art smarter than thou, regarded as a high IQ.

The following see the killer psychology mind, can be a good life path.

The power of an anti-vision
Your mood often leads you to a dark alley where a murderer is waiting to cut you into good pieces for dinner.

When I think of the vision of my life, I don’t know its path. My friend Dan Koe told me that knowing what you don’t want is one of the ways to create a vision for your life.

If I don’t resume the assembly line compartment thing. It is with this vision that I run the online business.

I ask myself every day, “How can I stop the bank cubicles?” When I think about it, it is easier to say yes.

You may not know what you want. However, I believe that you know what you do not want. Take this as a guide.

Ask the wrong question to get the right answer
I, too, am a naughty man.

When I wanted to talk around, I made a mistake in spelling. A few years ago, I made a success like Ferrari.

When the publication used a photo of a Bugatti car. The audience lost reason. This is not something that people want to ignore. Fortunately, I was forced to read this, and I was looking for more errors.

Because of reading this article, I got the lesson I tried to share, and many people helped me to answer the argument.

This is not the kind of psychology I want, although I would like to.

It is called Cunningham’s Law.

If you want to get it right on the Internet, then instead of posting right and wrong, you should divide the right and wrong of the king.

The reason why it is effective is that it touches human nature. The common man wants to be a commentator. Make it. Don’t fight.

The most intelligent person in the room is sick
Dunning-Kruger much understand this world information.

(said: not Dunning-Kruger also. Geeeeezzzzz. The day before I made it, the madman thought it was the last name.

Dunning-Kruger person, overconfidence also, make people think they are wise in reality, more experienced also. If you ever think about why Donald Duck is the president, cover Dunning-Kruger also.

The incompetent are wise, and the competent underestimate their quiet. That’s why I wrote that the quiet people in the meeting were bloody inconceivable.

Those who are quiet, know Dunning-Kruger’s people. The one who can’t, Dunning-Krugers too.

Few words. Much self-effacement.

I have encountered a great strategy
For the great decision, a suffering is also.

It took me a lot of time to make the decision to have a baby. I was only thinking about diapers and baby vomit sportswear pants. Pfft.

Then get one, I said in this over briefly: “If I die, no more son, I am happy without regret?”

To the case whether.

This idea is from Occam’s razor. Clearly set at least for the top. Why? Because you follow your intuitive intuition.

Occam’s razor first consider the simplicity, not trapped in complexity, complexity makes you go nowhere, and can only move to the plan of progress.

For decision-making minimalist. Simplicity.

10 times then
Beloved gentleman lazy.

Mo resistance to the brain says you “abandon your partner”.

If you do it 10 times, you will get a new method in Purple CowSeth Godin. This mind is a gym mind, so you can lift as much weight as you can. Even if you do some repetitions, you have removed a big mental block.

The sketch says: “If you can do one, or ten. Begin with one repetition, and finally 10 repetitions.

10 repetitions is where you are doing a skill or practice. Once you can do 10 repetitions, you will try this psychological mind on your own, make it in the net, exercise it in the net, and turn to goodness as you progress.

Every practice is repeated, and it is repetition that makes it suitable for you.

Nothing can lead to greatness
Chaos can get you. Nothing can be done to reduce the hurricane in your mind.

The 5-Hour Rule
By Michael Simmons, the author.

In the 1% rule, successful people learn new skills at least once a day, five times a week.

Never drop out of school.

As it turns out, Michael is not the one who prefers 5 less hours, Ben Franklin is there. He put time on his calendar to study because he had 5 less hours.

The best time he got was the first thing in the morning. That is where he spent his time reading. At the same time, he will set and follow him. He will be a good OG for himself.

Learn 5 hours a week and enter the top 1% of your field.

Make the flywheel Lijun
Psychology is the positive momentum cycle of the flywheel.

This mind has a power flywheel in your life, so that you can spin your convenience. On this flywheel, you should multiply your efforts.

The flywheel must be strong to begin. It must be consistent in duration. It must have a new intelligent angle.

I am a flywheel online. Sending out a weekly newsletter is all the newsletters I have. Going to the gym three times a week should be the best flywheel.

Searching can add to the raw flywheel. Then add it to the time, in order to take the uneven momentum.

Success must last longer
In 2011, I left Paradise and returned to my cubicle career. This is why I am doing this.

In 2021, I will quit my 9 to 5 job. Ryan Holiday’s recent Hofstadter’s Law. He means that if you think a person takes longer, he will take longer.

Even if you are aware of this mind, it must take longer than you want. Do not fight. Embrace it. Teach you to be patient.

Uncertainty, the way out
Dan Koe said, “Certainty is a virus, so we can’t do anything about it.

The brain is good at certainty. Try to protect your uncertainty. Why do you often re-watch the same movie again, that is, you know it.

Uncertainty is poorly hard-coded in the world.

  • Payable
  • Dull old career path
  • Standardized school curriculum
  • Most of the career stay in one company
  • The road to success is universal, no need for creativity

Certainty is a trap. There is the most competition and the least success.

Those who really succeed do not know the way to success. He is the one who does not know the way to success. He is the one who does not know the way to success because he is the one who prefers it.

The success is also a paradox. The success is the result of the uncertainty, the success when it is not intended.

Lying to myself to keep you in
Make me great.

Raoul Pal, a famous investor, buys wine and saves it for 15 years.

He writes off this cost as a sunk cost. Thus, he was able to drink these expensive wines without shame. If you drink it, you will make money, and you will never have any great profit.

If he does not deceive himself, the cost of the wine will make him foolish for drinking it, and he will lose his joy forever.

And so it is with my financial losses. I lied to myself about what they meant. I said to myself, “Tim, you lost $100,000 and ended up with a profit of $1 million, $100,000 introductory price, which you have paid. Now return to service.

Because the rewrite narrative, I can invest my money for a long time, the profit is much more than loss. This statement in the loss of recovery must be carried out – otherwise, my future wealth will never be available.

If so, then.” I want it,

Not all that is said is bad.


Otherwise, you will be drowned in internal illness and regret.