How I Got a Six Pack at 35: The Harsh Reality of Weight Loss

You want to lose weight. Out of health too. To look good, no shirt. To your front show he missed. I know it. Undecided.

After ten years of drinking, will be like an asshole, I finally wake up and put it. Fallen bottle is difficult. It may be difficult to reduce the 30 pounds I have suffered over the years.

Once I stopped drinking, I began to exercise, but the gains were almost all in the old 18 months.

Unfortunately, dieting and weight loss are more than enough, and it’s easy to get confused,

You have good intentions, but the implementation is not strong.
Extreme food can not be long
No strange food, a day in the appropriate food
You eat more than you think
You have made him too mixed up
In fact, it is very simple

It is not easy.

I am sure it is.

Step 1:Know your TDEE
Total Daily Expenditures. How many calories you burn per day.

Use the calculator linked above to determine your TDEE. (Say: choose to sit for a long time to move the order).

Great. Now you have a baseline to know how many calories you burn per day.

Step 3:Seeking the main meal
The rest of the meal is not served.

Or also do not think.

Choose a few mid-calorie staple foods.

Or like my sweet tooth, so must be included in the calorie count. The truth is!

I said: “In terms of weight loss, calories come from those who are not the weight.

You can lose weight and eat only twins, as long as you eat fewer calories than the number of calories needed to maintain your immediate weight.

Do nothing.

All easy to do, low-calorie food, I use in my meals.

Ground turkey (99% fat-free)
Zero popcorn
Chocolate rice cake
Chicken Breast
Queso Protein Bar
Low calorie mozzarella
Please remember this, it is important!

The rest of the market food is very easy to measure, such as boxes of egg white powder turkey.

I use a measuring cup for my cheese and popcorn… No, I know.

MyFitnessPal provides a shocking amount of data for restaurants. Don’t be lazy. Or eat less.

Step 4: Weigh yourself daily. Every. Daily.
Weight fluctuates. Or more.

This is why the daily weighing of its weight so. You want to have a momentum, there is a spike in this. This is also its usual.

This is also the rest of the chart.

Always measure the weight of the lightest person in the morning. Both for your own mental health, and for what you have gained.

When you gain 5 pounds after overeating, you should not be surprised if you don’t have it on the weekend.

In addition to your own weight, you will have a photo every Friday. A spicy photo, only fit your eyes.

The number of pounds you have lost is very accurate.

Do you look better without clothes? Progress.

Step 5:Know the math of weight loss.
The son knows the TDEE of the son.

Jun Fang tiptoe calories.

May you party exercise.

But what is the speed of this volume?

The answer is.

Increase one pound can be 3500 calories. So from now on.

Can you lose your calories 500 calories a day, so that the 3500 calorie deficit?

I can say that aggressiveness can be obtained.

The son has several options:

Those who eat more, exercise more calories
Eat less and not exercise
Eat less, exercise (above method)
At the end of the day, I will use my own weight and recalibrate.

No weight loss in 2 weeks? Lose 200 calories a day or move more.

As long as you’re on a trend, you’re doing well.

Jun its see useful things math.

4 calories per gram of carbohydrate
4 calories per gram of protein
9 calories per gram of fat
More fat than protein carbohydrates contain calories, far more than high fat food.

The theory says: do not abandon also
Many do not comply with my overview. He will borrow everything, why not. There is a very peculiar situation that prevents them from weighing food or eating with them. No time!!!

I know the person. I have been with their group for a long time.

Do not be his people.